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Jailbreak any idevice oven iso4


This is a Jailbreak for All iDevices

Even on IOS 4!

1.   On you iDevice go to
2.   Then use the slide to unlock button towards the bottom screen
3.   Once you slide that it will take about 30 seconds or so (Depending on your Connection) to download and about 5 minutes or so to install
4.   This Jailbreak will come with Cydia already installed on your homescreen.

How to Get Free Apps!

1.   Open Cydia
2.   Click ?Manage?
3.   Click ?Sources?
4.   Click Edit (In top right corner)
5.   Click Add (In top left corner)
6.   Then type:
7.   Click add source
8.   Then click done (In top right corner)
9.   Then click the new source
10.   Scroll down to ?Installous?
11.   Download and Install it
12.   Go to home screen and click the new icon ?Installous?
13.   And type in the app you want
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