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Golf Tips-Driver Introduction


A driver mainly to a larger flight distance, usually serve on the tee used. The first on the tee shot hit the farther the distance the ball nearer the hole, second shot or third shot, it is possible to use a shorter club, hit the ball close to the hole relative to the probability increased. So is the driver plays an important role to improve performance of the club, but was also the most attractive club.
No. 1 emphasis is mainly from wood, most people serve in the service area have always had a "fight to make a success of this hole," "and see who the opponent played much," the desire, so when trying to use r11 driver for sale violently hitting the phenomenon of many, often thus destroyed the swing rhythm. In fact, the ball's flight distance is not absolute and the swing is proportional to the size of the power used, but on hitting the ball an instant impact on the club head speed. Impact of the ball faster when the head of the movement, the greater the impulse of the ball, the ball fly farther. To enhance the impact of the ball club head speed, swing path large, round and smooth coordination of the swing rhythm is the key. Blind use of force would swing swing path narrow, stiff deformation, rhythm disorders, not only can not hit the ball far, but the ball may be a variety of errors. Therefore, holding hands on the tee ready to hit driver, the first to remind myself to think: "Relax!" "Pay attention to rhythm!."

driver club is the longest of all, the swing range of the greatest. Standing when used in a wide stance when using the other clubs. When using the driver slightly wider than shoulder width stance.

As the magnitude of the swing, play in the body must be fully turned, the highest point in the swing to the left shoulder to the bottom of the chin, and to maintain the stability of the right knee on the swing.

When the pendulum in the post, to keep arms and shoulders form a triangle, and maintain the integration of the left arm and ping k15 driver, in the position of his hands before reaching the waist, do not use the wrist. In the hands reach waist height to play on the thumb when the wrist began to the direction of flexion, with the arm, shoulder turn, twist, play at the peak of the club.

Because the location of the ball with the inside of the left foot in front, with ball tee (tee) set up, so the lowest point of the swing at the ball slightly behind the ball when the impact occurred in the club head swing path from the minimum point increase in the process. We have said before, not to the impact of the ball as the impact of a point, but a line or narrow area. In a driver tee ball, the ball set up with a high degree of personal habits, the required high ball flight and direction of different factors, but generally higher than the ball of legs with the ball on the edge of half the ball is appropriate .

Advantage of the next swing into action after the impact of the ball, waving to the target direction significantly, if the ball was attached to the face sent the same club, so you can hit the direction of accurate, distance of the strike.
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