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Putter (PUTTER) Introduction


Putting, is on the putting green (green) using a special club.

The ball is marked with a putting green (green), the use of their putt putt hole. In other words, putting the final hole to fulfill ball club.

Playing golf, hit the ball with a 1-wood out of 250 meters considered one, putt putt with only 3 cm from the hole is a ball into the hole, par 18-hole, the basically putt score accounted for half. Professional golf world with such a popular old Scottish proverb: "No. 1 wood posters, putting good to make money (ping k15 driver is show, putt is dough)". Thus, the use of good or bad putter has a great influence on the total score, so putting the technology to improve the level of use to minimize the number of putts, is to improve the performance of the shortcut.

Putting a variety of types, the most common are T, L, sickle-type and goose neck type. T-bar because the shaft and the head of the central phase, easier to determine the direction; L-type putter and irons are similar in shape, easy to master, but the club face open or closed prone to error; sickle putter head more weight, easy to roll the ball. In addition to these species, there are putting a lot of specially processed, but no matter what the shape, structure, putt shot, as long as length, weight and their body, putting method, playing habits, adapt, you can use handy, otherwise, is no longer an expensive rod handy.

Unlike other r11 fairway wood with putter, ball movement and use of other methods, and when the club is very different, and because they vary, and therefore, "putting no fixed" type of argument, that use of the putt rod not thousands "of people" all. Grip, stations, with each ball can opt for a different approach.
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