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Driver is often a good kick-off in high spirits

Driver is often a good kick-off in high spirits, confident, more conducive to future shots. But as the longest length of a club, Driver acknowledged the difficulty is, I think that one is technical reasons, but on the other hand is psychological.

Many people pick up the wooden stand on the tee, 1 hearts on the tension, the whole body's muscles began competing, then can be said that a bite out with eyes closed waving callaway x24, good luck then sent a breath of relief, but most of the results are distorted right-left oblique, falling into the water or into the woods. In fact, the heart of self-confidence is derived from the technology stability. The technology is derived from the usual steady unremitting practice and positive thinking. Not much to say, or to see how to use master at No. 1 wood, the following excerpt from Jack Nicklaus hitting Collection, My Most Memorable Shots in the Majors.

The ball took place in the U.S. Masters in 1963, located at the Augusta National taylormade rac tp wedge, 13th hole, a long 475 yards par 5 hole.

Scene: When the end of the front nine, when I lead two, the feeling is really great. But did not last long, from the 12th hole on the green away, I have been behind Sam Snead and Gary Player of the one, and Julius Boros and Tony Lema flat. I began to feel disgusted, in a hole on three consecutive bad shots, and finally thanks to an 8-foot putt into the hole and it did not make me the embarrassment of a double-bogey. I took the 13th tee, I learned that Snead birdied successful in 15, two ahead of me now.
Experience: For the kick-off must not be taken lightly, because it is the same high degree of impact on your score. Able to continue to play ball in a position, and push the ball in the hole is equally important. Without thinking about the kind of kick up the fire rarely achieved a final winner.

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