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General Topics / Re: To all members
« on: December 09, 2011, 12:54:15 am »
Driver is often a good kick-off in high spirits

Driver is often a good kick-off in high spirits, confident, more conducive to future shots. But as the longest length of a club, Driver acknowledged the difficulty is, I think that one is technical reasons, but on the other hand is psychological.

Many people pick up the wooden stand on the tee, 1 hearts on the tension, the whole body's muscles began competing, then can be said that a bite out with eyes closed waving callaway x24, good luck then sent a breath of relief, but most of the results are distorted right-left oblique, falling into the water or into the woods. In fact, the heart of self-confidence is derived from the technology stability. The technology is derived from the usual steady unremitting practice and positive thinking. Not much to say, or to see how to use master at No. 1 wood, the following excerpt from Jack Nicklaus hitting Collection, My Most Memorable Shots in the Majors.

The ball took place in the U.S. Masters in 1963, located at the Augusta National taylormade rac tp wedge, 13th hole, a long 475 yards par 5 hole.

Scene: When the end of the front nine, when I lead two, the feeling is really great. But did not last long, from the 12th hole on the green away, I have been behind Sam Snead and Gary Player of the one, and Julius Boros and Tony Lema flat. I began to feel disgusted, in a hole on three consecutive bad shots, and finally thanks to an 8-foot putt into the hole and it did not make me the embarrassment of a double-bogey. I took the 13th tee, I learned that Snead birdied successful in 15, two ahead of me now.
Experience: For the kick-off must not be taken lightly, because it is the same high degree of impact on your score. Able to continue to play ball in a position, and push the ball in the hole is equally important. Without thinking about the kind of kick up the fire rarely achieved a final winner.

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General Topics / Re: uggs for men
« on: December 08, 2011, 01:16:01 am »
Monster beats provide a better listening experience

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Which cheap yellow beats by dre headphones the cords can easily become damaged leading to one or both ear pieces not functioning properly. Sometimes the headphones break when you are trying to adjust them. It doesn't take much for something to go wrong with low quality headphones.There is also a safety factor. High quality headphones protect your ears. They will balance out the sound for you. There won't be drastic shifts between high and low frequency. These shifts can easily damage the hearing of the headphone user. Safety is an aspect of headphones that is often overlooked by the consumer.Now you see why you should select quality headphones. You will have a better listening experience, they will last a lot longer and they are definitely safer.   

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General Topics / Golf Tips-Driver Introduction
« on: December 07, 2011, 12:40:52 am »
A driver mainly to a larger flight distance, usually serve on the tee used. The first on the tee shot hit the farther the distance the ball nearer the hole, second shot or third shot, it is possible to use a shorter club, hit the ball close to the hole relative to the probability increased. So is the driver plays an important role to improve performance of the club, but was also the most attractive club.
No. 1 emphasis is mainly from wood, most people serve in the service area have always had a "fight to make a success of this hole," "and see who the opponent played much," the desire, so when trying to use r11 driver for sale violently hitting the phenomenon of many, often thus destroyed the swing rhythm. In fact, the ball's flight distance is not absolute and the swing is proportional to the size of the power used, but on hitting the ball an instant impact on the club head speed. Impact of the ball faster when the head of the movement, the greater the impulse of the ball, the ball fly farther. To enhance the impact of the ball club head speed, swing path large, round and smooth coordination of the swing rhythm is the key. Blind use of force would swing swing path narrow, stiff deformation, rhythm disorders, not only can not hit the ball far, but the ball may be a variety of errors. Therefore, holding hands on the tee ready to hit driver, the first to remind myself to think: "Relax!" "Pay attention to rhythm!."

driver club is the longest of all, the swing range of the greatest. Standing when used in a wide stance when using the other clubs. When using the driver slightly wider than shoulder width stance.

As the magnitude of the swing, play in the body must be fully turned, the highest point in the swing to the left shoulder to the bottom of the chin, and to maintain the stability of the right knee on the swing.

When the pendulum in the post, to keep arms and shoulders form a triangle, and maintain the integration of the left arm and ping k15 driver, in the position of his hands before reaching the waist, do not use the wrist. In the hands reach waist height to play on the thumb when the wrist began to the direction of flexion, with the arm, shoulder turn, twist, play at the peak of the club.

Because the location of the ball with the inside of the left foot in front, with ball tee (tee) set up, so the lowest point of the swing at the ball slightly behind the ball when the impact occurred in the club head swing path from the minimum point increase in the process. We have said before, not to the impact of the ball as the impact of a point, but a line or narrow area. In a driver tee ball, the ball set up with a high degree of personal habits, the required high ball flight and direction of different factors, but generally higher than the ball of legs with the ball on the edge of half the ball is appropriate .

Advantage of the next swing into action after the impact of the ball, waving to the target direction significantly, if the ball was attached to the face sent the same club, so you can hit the direction of accurate, distance of the strike.
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General Topics / Putter (PUTTER) Introduction
« on: December 06, 2011, 12:39:38 am »
Putting, is on the putting green (green) using a special club.

The ball is marked with a putting green (green), the use of their putt putt hole. In other words, putting the final hole to fulfill ball club.

Playing golf, hit the ball with a 1-wood out of 250 meters considered one, putt putt with only 3 cm from the hole is a ball into the hole, par 18-hole, the basically putt score accounted for half. Professional golf world with such a popular old Scottish proverb: "No. 1 wood posters, putting good to make money (ping k15 driver is show, putt is dough)". Thus, the use of good or bad putter has a great influence on the total score, so putting the technology to improve the level of use to minimize the number of putts, is to improve the performance of the shortcut.

Putting a variety of types, the most common are T, L, sickle-type and goose neck type. T-bar because the shaft and the head of the central phase, easier to determine the direction; L-type putter and irons are similar in shape, easy to master, but the club face open or closed prone to error; sickle putter head more weight, easy to roll the ball. In addition to these species, there are putting a lot of specially processed, but no matter what the shape, structure, putt shot, as long as length, weight and their body, putting method, playing habits, adapt, you can use handy, otherwise, is no longer an expensive rod handy.

Unlike other r11 fairway wood with putter, ball movement and use of other methods, and when the club is very different, and because they vary, and therefore, "putting no fixed" type of argument, that use of the putt rod not thousands "of people" all. Grip, stations, with each ball can opt for a different approach.
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General Topics / Discount Beats Headphones
« on: December 05, 2011, 01:19:08 am »
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General Topics / Fairways are designed to be used
« on: December 02, 2011, 02:44:32 am »
Fairways are designed to be used when the ball is in play after the tee shot on the fairway but many recreational golfers prefer to use the more lofted 3 or 4 wood off the tee for better control, as fairways usually have smaller heads than compared to drivers it can easier to control your swing.

Fairway Woods usually have smaller heads than compared to drivers and this aspect makes them easier to control swing than drivers. The greater lofts and smaller heads of taylormade r9 fairway wood help get the ball high into the air and are more convenient to handle than long drivers and are mostly used by amateur golfers and beginners.

r11 fairway wood have long, flexible shafts which create greater swing speed and greater distance than compared to irons, so if your game is lacking distance on the fairway, then it may be worth investing in a fairway wood.

Fairway woods are an excellent solution to the alternative to drivers off the tee and for long hard hitting irons like the 2-, 3-, or 4- irons. There are three factors which make the fairway woods the preferred club.

Many golfers feel more comfortable while standing over a long fairway with a longer and lower profile wood rather than a long iron that is harder to hit.

It is easier to get the ball in the air out of the fairway if you have a lower center of gravity. This is also true if you are in the rough or in the sand.

You can take advantage of more distance without having to over swing when you have a larger club instead of a long iron. You can also have more control with the length.

When deciding what fairway to purchase there are some basic categories that you will have to determine are the club head size, the size of the shaft, the loft, weight and length. You will then be able to find the perfect fairway wood for your price range. The club head has three club head sizes: standard (150-155 cubic centimetres), midsize (195 cubic centimetres) and oversized (195 -250 cubic centimetres).

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