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Title: iHc Jason - Intro
Post by: JaSon on August 31, 2010, 02:33:38 pm
This is my Intro but first I have a few questions.
Godly said I could be staff :P Love you
and Also I was wondering what fourm software you use. On Mine I have MyBB.
Maybe when we get bigger we can become affiliates. Btw Godly if you have an AIM msg me : jasonl1331

My Xbox live GT is iHc JaSon
I do not own a PS3 sorry Xbox haters
I Have a Steam Account but i have no games

I Have a Macbook Pro 13" (Late 2009 edition)
My PC is a :
Shuttle SX58J3 custom built with...
6GB of Ram
Intel i7 980X Extreme Black 8 Core Limited Edition
1x500GB 7200rpm WD HDD
1x256 (Something like that) Solid State Drive (SSD)
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
eVga nVidia GeForce 280

My Computers are displayed on a (Old) : ViewSonic VP1716
My Xbox is displayed on a Computer monitor as well but a different one it is a : Samsung Syncmaster 932b 19"

I Have a iPhone4 and a iPod Touch 2G

Turtle Beach X11's
Astro A40

I live in New Jersey and I work for apple.
No I do not Fist Pump.
I Hate the Show Jersey Shore
it is a disgrace to New Jersey and no that is not what it is like down here

I Currently do not own a jtag as It is broken
Like COMPLETELY broken
Sort of like James's sig
But not burnt

Just right in the comments thingy below if there is anything else you want me to add.
Title: Re: iHc Jason - Intro
Post by: godly on August 31, 2010, 03:49:47 pm
putting you as global mod  ;D
Title: Re: iHc Jason - Intro
Post by: godly on August 31, 2010, 03:52:36 pm
simple machines and simple portyal :P
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Title: Re: iHc Jason - Intro
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